I actually haven’t been here for a while, dalt, but if you’re visiting the page let me say, fuck you. You are one messed up in the head puppy to spend your entire day on a chatboard, never helping anyone, just trolling, just disrupting. What a grade-A moron you are.

Know this: I can add to this blog until the cows come home.

The Biggest Douchebags On The Feedback Board, or The sg51 Award
1. steve577: wife dying of cancer, spends most of the day posting about feedback order. I guess when Mrs. steve kicks off, he’ll be thrilled to be able to spend all day there and not have to worry about tending to her stupid needs any more. Classic passive-aggressive douchebag troll.

1. dalt: tied with steve, doesn’t spend as much of his day posting about feedback order anymore, not since his other ID was NARUd. Another classic passive-aggressive douchebag troll.

3. brookes-dad: Post-Reporter-In-Chief. This incestuous douchebag’s blood pressure is probably somewhere around 180/120. Two-inch penis, is my guess. He’s like a mini-steve, a lapdog. Changed IDs again, back to brookes-dad. Guess he’s got a Jerry Sandusky thing going on for her. Technically only a douche, studying to be a douchebag. Can’t even come up with his own insults. Has to copy them from others.

4. stinky_felix: argumentative, contrary, illogical and one who regularly plays the victim card. Oh, boo hoo, my personal information is on the internet. Have a drink on me, stinky. I raise a vinegar and water to you!

5. arielle: why say in ten words what you can say in 10,000? A windy blusterbuss who posts long, thinks wrong. Tied for fifth place with…

5. lady-of-the-lake: well, looks like we outlasted her. Regulars always do outlast the douchebags. She was hanging on arielle’s coat-tails anyway.

6. sg51: left the FB a year ago or so, hasn’t come back, but is posting regularly elsewhere. Couldn’t take the heat. Pussy.

7. middaybreeze: a douchebag who has been indefinitely suspended from posting on the FB. Wonder if anyone misses his cornpone-style postings. Doubt it.

8. phanato: a second ID of middaybreeze’s, same douchebag, also indefinitely suspended from posting on the FB.

Every Post steveo Ever Makes And All In One Place, or One-Stop Horseshit
The better sellers leave feedback when paid. There is no reason to hold out or hold buyer feedback hostage. Sellers should not hold buyer feedback hostage until they get theirs. It’s not polite. Be nice. Leave feedback when paid. Think not what buyers can do for you. Think what you can do for your buyers. You’ll make more money in the long run. Cashiers at the grocery store where I shop are trained to always give positive feedback to the customer when they pay.

Have You Been Following brookes-dad?
Holy cow, this guy is too much. His half-literate posting style is to be expected from someone with a double-digit IQ and his maturity level is such that he’s already melted down a couple of times. He didn’t seem to like it when I posted “Poor Brooke” on a couple of threads, because both posts disappeared. He’s taken to disagreeing with anyone and everyone who disagreed with him on the thread he started. He carries that grudge over from thread to thread and even from board to board. He’s flat-out stalking me and dunnohowtowin. Brookes-dad’s advice is usually bad–i.e. advising people to ask buyers for feedback–and he arbitrarily disagrees with anyone he perceives as a threat. I could write “puppies are fun” and he’d find something to pick at and probably report my post as well. It’s Wednesday afternoon right now and two posts–one by tempest and one by virtualwhimsy–have both disappeared within the last couple of minutes. This whacko LOVES to report posts. He is one real work of art. And truly, poor Brooke. This is the kind of guy who probably beats his daughter or locks her in a closet for punishment. I’ll bet she’s got bruises up and down her arm where he’s grabbed her violently. He needs Anger Management Classes.

A Little About steve577
I sure wouldn’t want him to feel left out. steve’s no kind of a threat on the Feedback Board–his posts rarely rise above the intelligence level of a nine year old–he’s more like the annoying horsefly that won’t leave you alone. Every now and then you swat at him, but he doesn’t change your life any. Back when the FB was really rough, sg51 couldn’t take it anymore and left, apparently permanently. (Correction: he’s popped up on the Seller Central board and they like him there just as much as the Feedies did.) People were courteous; many of his detractors said goodbye and wished him well. A few months after that, steveo thought he’d try the same thing. Wrote himself a Goodbye Cruel World (wah) post about how everybody treated him meanly (wah) and many of his posts got pulled (wah) and he was continually getting pink-slapped (wah). Funny thing is, though, nobody wished steve well, nobody was courteous, there were far more people saying good riddance than saying goodbye. steve kept bumping the thread and nobody took the bait. Not even his little buddies like dalt and gabbo asked him to stay. No one asked him to stay. My God, but that was funny. But he left anyhow and somehow resisted posting for a week or two. Then, because he has no balls, he started posting on a couple of other eBay boards where he hoped he wouldn’t be seen. At long last, he threw in the towel and reemerged on the Feedback Board, to thunderous indifference. I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me. Hey, don’t worry about it, steveo. You’ve still got a nice smile. What amazes me is that this douchebag has a wife who has cancer, but he wastes time on the Feedback Board when he could be spending time with her. Maybe someday when she’s dead and gone and mouldering in the grave, he’ll realize what a callow, shallow, unfeeling asshole he was.

Update: he flounced off again, the little douchebag, then returned on the same thread about six minutes later, saying that two regulars had “talked him off the ledge.” Nobody talked him off the freakin’ edge. We were all down here yelling “Jump! Jump!.”

And Yet Another dalt Meltdown. Poor Baby…
The same person who called me a “mean bitter person” posts, “I’ve never suggested that another “regular” is also a partial refund scammer. or one with multiple policy violations…but I’ve seen others post these “innuendos” multiple times- without one complaint from some. I’ve always found the double-standard displayed on this board as being fairly transparent.” Double standard indeed. It’s okay for him to call people names, but not okay for others to point out policy violations or partial refunds even when he admits to it. Please don’t ever think you hold any kind of high ground, dalt. You don’t. And please don’t ever labor under the illusion that your constant repetitive posts are helpful to anyone. They aren’t.

Poor dalt, He Had Himself A Little Meltdown.
The little dear didn’t like me mentioning his NARU dalt ID for the umpteenth time and he wrote, “I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re a mean, bitter person. Feel free to report this post.” Report it? Are you out of your mind, dalt? I didn’t report that one and I didn’t report the one where you defended the Thailand pornographer who took pictures of under-age girls either. You were half right though. I am mean. Hence, this blog. But what are you? You rarely offer any assistance to OPs and, on the rare occasions when you do, it’s usually to advise buyers how to extort partial refunds. The main reason you post on the Feedback Board is just to annoy other regulars. And what’s the definition of someone who posts just to provoke? A troll. Yeah, that’s right, dalt, you’re nothing but a troll. Congratulations to your worthless self. And you keep right on being a troll and my guess is, your new dalt ID will suffer the same fate as your old dalt ID and middaybreeze and phanato. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say.

My Latest Pink Slap Is From
brookes-dad or steveo, numbers 158 and 159. Looks like the dickless brothers picked off a couple of easy ones. I shouldn’t be so naive as to respond to steveo and leave a post out there as low-hanging fruit. Ah well. Poor steveo, stirring up a little more drama, threatening to leave again. My God, what a pathetic excuse for a human being he is. I’ll bet his cancerous wife doesn’t know how he behaves on the FB–not to mention the window-peeping father of the little slut brooke. Hey, don’t get me wrong, you two pricks. I’m writing this for the soul purpose of making you mad. brooke’s incestuous daddy will get bored and leave–just like the two recent women, arielle and lady of the lake, and just like all the other temporary trolls we’ve seen–but steveo, you’re a target, baby. You’re in my sights and you’re halfway out the door.

brookes-dad or steveo, number 157. Actually they (or he) got two posts pulled, but I got an email from the Indian mods on only one of them. Really, poor Brooke, to have a father with an IQ less than her own age. steveo is upset that we’re talking about how middaybreeze and phanato have been permanently sanctioned from the Feedback Board. He can see his own sanction on the horizon, I’m sure. Dim dalt, on the other hand, has really turned it around. He’s maintaining a very low profile lately, no doubt trying to hang on to his last ID. I really wonder, if my wife had cancer and were going to die from it, why “the best sellers leave feedback when paid” would be so all-fired important to me. I believe I’d be spending more time with my wife and NO time posting crap like that. I guess some people just don’t care. Well, enjoy the blog fellows. And believe this: I can be a whole lot nastier than I’ve been so far. Heck, I haven’t even touched upon brooke’s dad window-peeping on her.

994john, number 155, but he’s probably blinded by grief from losing his pal Binky eight years ago. What a pal Binky was, although judging from its picture, it was a pathetic excuse for a dog. On the other hand, 994john is a pathetic excuse for a human being, so that was probably a match made in All Good Dogs Go To Heaven. As I write this, john is pushing the report button like a man on fire.

brookes-dad and they’re numbers 153 and 154. My stalker doesn’t care for me saying, “poor Brooke”. But really, poor Brooke, to have a miserable father like this.

dalt yet again, and it’s number 144, and it’s for “Bad boy, dalt! You remember what happened to your last ID (not to mention middy and phan) for repetitive posting. And on that note…” dalt says he closed out his other ID. Oh, sure. Makes perfectly good sense to close out an ID then change the name of the one you’re currently using to resemble the one you closed. Uh huh. What happened was, eBay NARUd dalt_villa and phanato and middaybreeze for repetitive posting. And it’s just a matter of time before eBay NARUs dalt420, too. My guess is, dalt already has a new ID with which he’s posting, but this time he’s going to be a little smarter about hiding it. Violate eBay policy? Do as I say, not as I do, right, dalt?

dalt again, and it’s number 143. I guess he couldn’t get anything recent pulled, so he did a little research and got one pulled from four days ago! What an empty little life, that that’s the best you can do.

ednarapp2ibr and it’s number 142. Edna couldn’t stand that I posted, “I’ve never seen so many revised feedbacks. Do you know the definition of insanity, Edna?” Newbies–you just swat ‘em away like the gnats they are.

daltvila420/santasnack/dalt_vila and it’s number 140. At the end of a post directed toward the Premier Button Pusher, I said, “Say, on that note, whatever happened to your other ID, dalt?” He pushed the button and it was poofed. Pfffft. See comment below especially the last sentence.

daltvila420/santasnack/dalt_vila and it’s number 139. I reminded dalt that “when one ID is NARU, posting with an alternate ID is prohibited. It’s amazing the mods can’t seem to figure this one out.” I’m not sure if the mods were bent for being called out but the reason they pulled the post is for referring to a NARU member. That’s okay, dalt, no offense taken. When it gets pulled there, I just post it here. And on that note, fuck you.

lady-in-the-lake and it’s number 138. Here’s what I wrote: We regulars will outlast her and her little fren’. The Board Mommys and Know It Alls stop in here from time to time, but they have no staying power. Douchebags who hit the report button have already lost their credibility.

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm…
dalt_vila’s ID is no longer registered. He posts now as santasnack and says he closed out the dalt ID willingly. Uh huh. [Update: he has changed his santasnack ID to daltvila420]. Posting with an alternate ID is a violation of eBay’s posting policies. No surprise here. After all, dalt has been guilty of scamming partial refunds, auction interference, and feedback manipulation. He has done the lowest of the low: bid on an auction run by a fellow FB Board regular. Oh. Wait. I’m sorry. That wasn’t quite the lowest of the low. That would have been the public eBay Feedback Board thread where he posted that golden showers were fine between consenting adults. Oh. Wait. I’m sorry. That wasn’t the lowest of the low either. That was when he defended an eBay seller who was auctioning off photographs of underage Thailand girls. Yes, that was the lowest of the low.

There’s A Reason We’re Called Regulars
I’m always amused when someone like aureole or lakelady discovers the chat boards for the first time. You may be sure they always have an agenda: (1) to correct us regulars because they know everything about everything or (2) to clean up the behavior on the board or (3) both. We were here when they came and we’ll be here when they get tired and go away. Why? It’s really quite simple. Despite whatever dynamics are present on the board, we regulars are here to help posters. The interlopers are here only to argue, bait, and indulge in troll-like behavior.